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Rajkot is one of the metropolitan cities which has a population of nearly more than two million. The Rajkot city has the most reliable and hygienic taxi service. Customers from distinct countries have experienced the Rajkot airport taxi service and have been lauded for its homely services. Passengers can explore the city and other tourist places in and around Rajkot. Moreover, passengers can easily select the suitable rides which suit their needs.

Add Your Heading Text HereAdvantage of Rajkot Airport taxi online pre-booking

Rajkot airport taxi brings lots of advantages to the passengers.

  • Passengers can book their journey anytime and avail themselves of the services.
  • Prebooking provides several payment options for the passengers such as UPI, Debit card, Credit card, and many more.
  • Rajkot airport taxi is available on an affordable budget.
  • Pre-booking saves lots of time and adds a swifter in exploring the new place.
  • Eliminates the task of bargaining the fare price. As the fare price is already mentioned during the booking process.
  • Rajkot Airport taxi services are pet-friendly taxis which means that you can travel from the airport to your destination along with your pet comfortably.
  • Prebooking adds an extra guarantee to the journey.
  • Rajkot airport taxi services provide a hygienic and clean car.
  • Passengers can travel comfortably rather than in a rush and unpleasant public transport.

What is the average travel time from Rajkot airport taxi to various destinations?

Rajkot Airport taxi is a connecting service for most of the passengers who are traveling from one city to another. Also, the Rajkot airport taxi adds benefit for the tourists to explore the various historic and iconic places around Rajkot. Here is a small analysis regarding the travel time from Rajkot airport taxi to other destinations. This will help passengers to know the approximate traveling period.


Rajkot airport to Ahmedabad

Rajkot airport to Dwarka

Rajkot airport to Kutch

Rajkot airport to Jamnagar

Rajkot airport to Junagadh


230 km




110 km


4hours 10 minutes

4 hours 30 minutes

6 hours 11 minutes

2 hours

2 hours 28 minutes

The above-mentioned details may vary due to unfavorable situations such as traffic, toll gates, inspecting, and many other conditions.

What is the unique service offered by Rajkot Airport Taxi?

The most primary unique and tempting service is the pet-friendly cab service. Rajkot Airport Taxi provides numerous types of rides that are also allowed for pets. Some of them are One-way cabs, private taxis, two-way cab services, Car Rental, Airport transfer, Local sightseeing, and Outstation. Pet owners can now travel along with their pet animals without leaving them alone in their houses or with some caretakers. Rajkot Airport taxi service has made this unique service available, and the service is affordable. Pet owners can book the type of cars such as AC and non-AC for their pets. Furthermore, if the pet owners have plenty of pet animals, then pet owners can choose a vehicle like 4, 6, 12, or 20-seater accordingly.

Lastly, the pet-friendly Rajkot airport taxi allows pet owners to do pre-booking. And during the pre-booking, 15-30% of the payment needs to be completed to confirm the booking.

The second unique service offered by Rajkot Airport Taxi is the types of rides:

One-way cab: The one-way cab service is perfect for passengers traveling for a short distance. The passenger is needed to pay only for the single-way journey.

Two-way cab: The two-way taxi service is available in Rajkot where passengers need to pay for both the way journeys and this journey is perfect for visitors. As this can save lots of money and time.

Private taxi: The private taxi provides a zero-disturbance journey where you book the entire taxi, and the driver cannot board any other passenger on the way. This taxi service is more comfortable and provides personal space while traveling.

Car Rental: The car rental is another type of ride that provides perfect privacy for the individual. Here the passengers hire the car for some time it can be hourly based, and the passengers can enjoy self-driving and exploring the city. However, this service is suitable only if the passenger is aware of the city.

Airport taxi: This Airport taxi will pick up the passenger from the airport and drop them to their desired destination.

Sightseeing taxi service: If the passenger looking to explore the city, Rajkot Airport Taxi provides sightseeing taxi services where the driver will assist passengers in exploring the city.

How does the Rajkot airport taxi service pricing work?

Rajkot airport taxi service always maintains a clear and transparent nature while handling the pricing section. The passenger once chooses the type of ride and the destination the entire fare is displayed during the booking. After the payment process is completed, this is the final payment, and the passenger need not pay any extra amount to the driver.

In case the journey exceeds the booked destination, then the extra charge is applied on a kilometer basis. Also, these small details need to be noted while pre-booking the journey or the passenger can contact the taxi service provider to fetch more insights about the extra charge and hidden charge. However, even in this case, the passenger need not pay any extra charge to the driver.

Moreover, if the passenger wants to appreciate the journey experience, then it depends on the customer to provide an extra tip to the driver.

Experience the tourism with Rajkot Airport taxi service

Passengers arriving from different parts of the world at Rajkot book the Rajkot airport taxi service for several reasons. Some use the taxi to reach their residence or attend important meetings. While most of them use Rajkot airport taxi services to explore the tourist spots in Rajkot.

Tourists planning to travel from Rajkot to Jamnagar can prebook a taxi which will let the tourist explore Pirotan Island, Soarium, Rozi Port, Sivrajpur Beach, Bedi Port, Lakhota Fort, Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, and many other places.

If the route is between Rajkot to Ahmedabad, then the most alluring tourist spots are ISKON temple, Law Garden, Calico Textile Museum, Jinen Outdoor Tower Clock Bedinaka, Randarda Lake, Aaji Dam Chokdi, and many more.